Google Hangouts

At present, online chatting is becoming more and more common for people to communicate with each other. There is much software on the Internet. The topic of this post is the introduction of Google Hangouts that is part of Google+.

Do you know about Google Hangouts? It launched on May 15, 2013 during the keynote of its I/O development conference and it is one of the most popular live streaming video platforms.

There are many functions in Google hangouts. One point is that it can hold conversations for up to ten people at one time over voice or video in a virtual room. If the friends who we want to communicate with do not have a Google account, we can also choose to call them in Google Hangouts. It only needs to pay a little amount of money to call, expect for someone who is in the U.S. and Canada. When chatting with other people on video in Google Hangouts, we can add Google effects which include sounds, backgrounds, headwear, eyewear, facial hair and props to ourselves and take photos. Besides, typing is available to exchange opinions for people.

Many advantages are brought from Google Hangouts. The first point is that the public do not need to spend a long time to start video call with several friends. Clicking call and add buttons is adequate to communicate. The second point is that Google Hangouts works across computers and on Android phones and tablets, iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, so people do not need to worry about the issue of contacting with others. The third point is that having access to Google Hangouts is quite easy since it works inside of Gmail. In addition, since almost all of the functions in Google Hangouts are for free, we do not need to care about economic problems.

If you want to find more information, please click the introduction of Google Hangouts.

Now, whether do you want to create an account to try to use the Google Hangouts or not? You do not need open another browser to search the Google Hangouts. Through this website, readers can sign in and download it. In addition, I made a video tutorial of using Google Hangouts by utilizing the software of Jing. The following image from Creative Common website is about the logo of this chatting platform.


” Logo of Google Hangouts,”   by Thangman22        CC BY-NC 2.0


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